Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp

GLADCamp 2015 - Friday, February 20th, 2015

Drupal Watchdog

Drupal Watchdog is a print magazine dedicated entirely to Drupal. The premiere issue was given to all attendees of the Chicago DrupalCon and focused primarily on the recently released Drupal 7. Issue #2 of Drupal Watchdog focused on Mobile Drupal. Issue #3 focused on Design.

How does Drupal Watchdog get its name? Within the Drupal source code there is a function called "watchdog()" which is used to report what is going on in a Drupal website. Our goal is that Drupal Watchdog Magazine be a fantastic resource for tracking what is going on in the Drupal World.


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GLADCamp is organized by the Greater Los Angeles Drupal user group and the GLADCamp organizers.